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84. Top 10 Lists That Are Wrong About the Holidays

Are... are the authors of these lists OK?

67. Wrong Takes: "Harry Potter" Edition

We have takes, and they're hot. They're also wrong. So very, very wrong. Still not as wrong as you, though.

G.U.I.N.N.E.S.S. | You're Likely Not Wrong About "Cold Pursuit"

But only because you didn't even know it existed. It's a movie, by the way.

Actually, You're Wrong About "Love Actually" (ft. The Snake Pit)

Ho, ho, ho...ld on a second. What is going on here? An episode... on a *Saturday*? Featuring "The Snake Pit"?

47. The Monthly Roundup: November 2021

A Roundup of many firsts! OK, fine: it was, like, 3 firsts... but still!

7. We're Wrong About Inclusivity in Gaming

Go shave that neckbeard.

2. Judging Your Use of Your Free Time

You (and our guests) have been found... wanting.

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