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Totally NOT stolen borrowed from anywhere or anything...

Vendor Trash
This is what it sounds like: trash. Don't pick this up, don't put in your collection, just leave it on the ground. And if it does appear in your collection, throw it away (or sell it, if you can find a vendor to buy it, for whatever they're willing to pay for it).

If you must watch a movie or TV show, or play a game, and there's nothing else, this will do. Just know that basically anything else will be better than this.

Now we're getting somewhere. This isn't going to be great, but it won't suck, either. It'll get the job of entertaining you done, and that's probably as much praise as it deserves.

Finally something worth actually keeping in your collection. Most of these will be worth revisiting, if you're looking for something solid that won't disappoint you.

There we go! You'll be talking about this for a good, long time, and it will be a mainstay in your collection, because it will always hit the right spot.

Again, this is what it sounds like: the stuff of legend. It's what you quest for. It's what heroes deserve.
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