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104. Not Even You Could Be Wrong About "The Empire Strikes Back"

We're altering the deal. Pray we don't alter it further.———Well, hello there! Long time no see. Yes, You're Wrong has been away for a while, but it was for a very good...

103. Operation Fortune: WRONG de Guerre

Why filmmakers feel the need to give such obtuse, presumptuous names to their silly action movies, I'll never understand. ———This week's episode is a cautionary tale a...

102. You're Right, It Was a Mistake To Make "Ghost in the Shell (2017)"

Almost as big a mistake as watching it was.———Noted gluttons for punishment Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer decided it would be a good idea to do an episode about ano...

101. Who's the Wrongest About "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery"?

It's a toss up between you and Miles Bron. My money is on you, though. ——— Tired of watching only garbage movies, Luciano, Matt and Spencer decided to find something a...

100. Everybody Involved With "Fullmetal Alchemist" Was Wrong

Seriously. I don't know exactly how, but I'm sure even the catering service on the set was wrong somehow. ——— Ah yes, live-action adaptions of anime series — no hellsc...

97. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal WRONG

After watching this god-forsaken movie, my brain was as nuked as Indy should have been inside that stupid fridge. ——— Another beloved franchise ruined by a shitty sequ...

96. Get Over Here! You're Wrong About "Mortal Kombat"

The 2021 movie, I mean. But I'm sure you're very wrong about other entries of the franchise as well. ——— This week, the nerds went back to video-game movies and decide...

95. "Jurassic World: Dominion" Is Just Wrong

Qualifying how wrong it is or what it might be wrong about would imply there's something right about it. There isn't.  ——— Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer chose Juras...

94. Warner Bros. Was Wrong About "Black Adam"

And in other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. ——— Back to their full roster, the nerds thought it would be good to get back to the 2020's and chose to watch, di...

92. You're Probably Still Right About "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"

Because you obviously thought it was a shitty movie 20 years ago, and that opinion hasn't changed... right? Yeah, I'm sure that's right. Even *you* wouldn't be *that* ...

91. You and Taika Waititi Were Both Wrong About "Thor: Love and Thunder"

Also wrong: everyone else who thought this was a good movie.

90. You're Wrong About How Wrong You Are About "Uncharted"

A convoluted title for a convoluted movie. But you're probably wrong about the games, too.

89. You're Wrong About What You Think Will Happen in 2023

No Subway combos were harmed in the making of this episode.

88. You're Definitely Wrong About Tommy Topperson ("Fiasco" Game, Part 2)

The conclusion to the shenanigans at Hellmouth High! The party at Beckee's house is going to be LIT... or will it?

87. You'll Be On Santa's Naughty List if You're Wrong About "Violent Night"

Season's Beatings, everyone!

86. There's Something Wrong With Hellmouth High... ("Fiasco" Game, Part 1)

An idyllic town, a school chock full of supernatural secrets and a group of teenagers with lots of hormones and too much self-esteem: the perfect ingredients for a gig...

85. Tag-team Battle Royale: Christmas vs. Hanukkah

Alternate title: "You're Wrong About How Many People We Can Offend in 100 Minutes".

84. Top 10 Lists That Are Wrong About the Holidays

Are... are the authors of these lists OK?

T.A.X.E.S. | Simon Says: You're Wrong About "Demolition Man"

Simon also says that these nerds would have gone bankrupt a *long* time ago if a verbal morality statute were in effect nowadays.

T.A.X.E.S. | You're Probably Right About "The Contractor"

Because you almost certainly haven't watched it, and that's *exactly* how things should remain.

T.A.X.E.S. | My Senpai Told Me You're Wrong About "Rising Sun"

He's a fucking idiot most of the time, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

T.A.X.E.S. | You've Been Wrong About "Blade" Since 1998

Almost a quarter of a century later and you're STILL trying to ice-skate uphill.

83. You're Wrong About "Halloween"

The movie, not the holiday. Well, probably the holiday, too.

Surprise, You're Wrong! | Warner Bros. Is Bringing Out the Big Gun(n)s

Looks like they ARE listening to our podcast, after all. Good.

82. Top 10 Lists That Are Wrong About Halloween

Presented to you by the top 4 podcasters that were unsure about what the *actual* theme of the episode was!

81. You're Wrong About "Nope" Being a Horror Movie

You're also wrong about this episode being a focused conversation about "Nope".

80. What If Horror Stories Were Really Weird?

An interesting question, no doubt. But I have one that's a lot more "out there": what if these nerds were able to stay on topic? (¬_¬)

79. Battle Royale: Scariest Horror Villains

Quite frankly, no horror villain can be scariest than living in one of these nerds' minds. They have problems, is what I'm saying.

78. Top 10 Lists That Are Wrong About Superheroes

You're reading the title wrong.

76. What If We Ruined "Sesame Street" For You?

You're welcome.

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